Detective of the Month

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Lets put our paws together for December's DOTMs... Pooh Bear & Spike!

Detectives Pooh Bear & Spike!


1.  What made you want to become a detective?

Spike:  I wanted to be like my big brothers Freddie & Oliver!  They are pawsome detectives.

Pooh Bear:  So many wonderful friends were great detectives...Just had to give it a try!


2.  Do you have any advice for new detectives?

Spike:  Yes, Nip & treats are always welcome at the SDA!  Please bring me some. :-)

Pooh Bear:  Be pertinacious!


3.  What do you like the most about the SDA?

Spike:  I like being an ARG & watching the other detectives try to figure stuff out. :-)

Pooh Bear:  All the wonderful furriends!


4.  Is there anything you do to get into detective mode before coming to the office?

Spike:  I watch some old Columbo episodes.  He is the ideal detective.  Nobody ever suspects he is on to you until it is too late!

Pooh Bear:  Eat a good meal!


5.  Now that you are DOTM what is next for you?

Spike:  I am getting ready for Christmas!

Pooh Bear:  Try to live up to the honor.  There are still a lot of ARGs out there to capture!


6.  What is your favorite thing about being a detective?

Spike:  I like the friends I have made & seeing how creative some of the ARGs are.

Pooh Bear:  Putting the clues together!


7.  What is the one thing you can't live without in your life?

Spike:  'Nip!  I love the 'nip!

Pooh Bear:  Only one thing... Oh my... I need my friends, I need Sunny's great food, I need my nip & my Pop's lap!  Oh, oh I can't decide on just one!


8.  If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

Spike:  I would like to meet any of the Animal Cops you see on TV.  I would like to thank them for helping animals to get a second chance!

Pooh Bear:  James Qwilleran & his Siamese cats Kao K'o-Kung, KoKo for short & Yum-Yum!



Spike:  Playing!

Pooh Bear:  Everything!


Spike:  When I am not being petted.

Pooh Bear:  Closed doors.

Favorite Toy:

Spike:  Undercover mouse.

Pooh Bear:  Flying disc, catnip mouse, turbo scratcher with lighted ball.


Favorite Nap Spot:

Spike:  On the back of the couch.

Pooh Bear:  Anywhere!

Favorite Food:

Spike:  Science Diet Kitten

Pooh Bear:  Any, loves Temptations & Greenies treats.


Spike:  I meow in short spurts, mom says it sounds like I'm barking!

Pooh Bear:  I come when called, I stand on my hind legs & turn door knobs!


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Every month I will have a new Detective up in the spotlight. How is this chosen? Well I am glad you asked! I will be looking for active detectives. I don't mean the ones that solve the most cases. Just make sure you come into the agency and chatter. Either about the cases or in the lounge.  I will post 5 nominees for DOTM around the middle of the month. Then you vote on the poll on the front page of this site. Anyone can vote as long as they are a member of SDA. Please only one vote per family. In the case of a tie, we will have a tie breaker vote. As the DOTM you will be featured on this page for the whole month. You will also recieve a star and most important *giggles* bragging rights.