Detective of the Year

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Let's put our paws together for Spike our 2010 DOTY!

Detective Spike!!!

1) Now that you have won DOTY what next?
Hmm I am not sure.  Perhaps I will climb Mt. Everest, or maybe just do some ARG stuff! ;-)

2) How do you get ready for Detecting ...?
Well, I usually take a nap first, then I eat some tuna.  Then take a bath, then another nap, then I start looking through the case files & sneaking peeks at Oliver's notes.

3)  How did you become a detective?

My brothers Freddie & Oliver made it look cool so I wanted to copy off them.

4) When you got started as a detective, was anycat a big influence on you?
My brofurs & my detective idols, Hannah & Pooh!

5) Are you a "talking kitty" or a "squeaking kitty?"
I am a "yapping kitty."  MOL  When I meow I do it in spurts (Mow! Mow! Mow!)  And mommy says I sound like a doggy!

6) What is the one thing you cannot live without?
Oh I have two!   My little brother Bernie.  We are best pals & I love picking on him!  Also my girlfriend Puff, who is the most beautiful girl in the world!


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2009 - Frankie Sinatracat

2008- Hannah

Prizes for DOTY is as follows: 1 DOTY poster, 1 star with DOTY poster inside, 1 year's worth of Braggin' rights, 1 interview from the most wonderful, awesome, out of this world reporter! (Yes yes that is me Tigress! *giggles*), and 40 zealies!