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Little Paw History:

The Little Paw site started out as a sneaky way for a ARG to leave their clues without getting busted too soon. (That ARG turned out to be our own Tigress!)

Once she was apprehended and served her time, she reformed and decided the site would do more good serving as the Samoa Detective Agency site. Since Tigress had already named it Little Paw, she couldn’t change the name to reflect the direct link to the Agency. So this has sometimes caused a bit of confusion among new detectives.

The Little Paw site is used in many ways. The front page is where detectives can find various links, including the monthly DOTM poll, and ARGs can find the Supply Closet.


DOTM stands for Detective Of The Month, and generally consists of 5 detectives who have been seen actively posting that month in the SDA group on Catster. After the 5 nominees are chose, their names & ID numbers are put up in a poll. Then it is opened so that all may vote for the detective they feel are most deserving of the honor.

At the end of the voting Tigress makes up a special picture of the DOTM and tries to incorporate something special about that particular month, and then presents it to the DOTM when the announcement is made.

Supply Closet

The Supply Closet is found by clicking on the picture of the door handle, on the right side of the page. An explanation of SDA Policy/ARG protocol & use of the Supply Closet graphics can be found here:  SDA Policy

The Offices of The Samoa Detective Agency

Feline Bureau of Investigation - Mystery Rosette Division

The Boss: Samoa

SDA Secretary: Hannah

Chief Inspector: Tigress

Assistant Chief Inspector: Oly

The Boss & Secretary are the heart of the SDA operation & keeps it running smooth like clockwork. 
The CI & ACI functions primarily consist of keeping the Little Paw site updated. 
Any of whom can be contacted by pmail with any questions or comments detecitve may have.

Open Case Files

This page is where each new case is added. It is laid out in such a fashion that under each case is a link detectives can click on to leave any clues pertaining to that case. Although it has also served as a way for the ARG to further taunt the detectives since you do not have to sign your real name to post comments there.

As each case is solved it is removed from the list of files. This is also where the “Cold Case Files” are kept in hopes that one day they too might be solved.

Hall of Fame

This page serves as a history of all ARGs past. As time permits Tigress & Oly work on each case’s Wanted Poster. When finished it is hung here, along with the ARGs names. This part of the site is always under construction as posters are added as time permits.


This page is a clickable listing of every detective that has a shoutbox on his or her page. Shoutboxes are often utilized by ARGs to leave clues or otherwise taunt detectives. Any time a detective adds a shoutbox to their page they can send Oly a pmail & she will add it to the list.


If there is one thing for certain, it’s that detectives & ARGs alike know how to party!

So the Pawty Hall has a clickable listing of every detective’s birthday so that all can celebrate it with them. When a detective wants their birthday added they need only to send a pmail to Oly letting her know the date & it will be added.