Lets Pawty!

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I didn't want any detectives birthdays missed.  So if you would like to be included in this list, please paw mail Oly.  She will then add you to the list. (Thanks Oly for helping me out!)


1st- Augie

3rd- Lucky 

6th- Tosca

15th- Fido

28th- Ethan


1st - Kacee 

2nd- Diogi

14th- Lil "O"

24th- Nikko

28th- Squeakers


1st- Daisy

1st- Mercy 

3rd- Sydney Rose

5th- Rusty

5th- Simi

10th- Lucy

11th- Kayleigh

15th- Chip

17th-Louis LeBeau

17th - Manna

17th- Orca  

17th- Tiger

17th - Toes

20th- Spikey

23rd- Tommy

29th- Colleen

30th- Arnold P.

30th - Seana


1st- Baby Girl

1st- Cookie

5th- Hannah

6th- Sampson Silver Dollar

6th- Twister

7th- River

7th- Rocky Ann

10th- Fluffy

10th - Kate

15th- Ele

15th - Piewackit

   15th- Smudge

15th - Zippie 

17th- Grover

17th - Harry

19th - Claire

19th - Xerox

20th - Pawlette

21st- Bijou

24th- Awnee

24th - Bubba

24th - Cary

24th- DC

24th- Queso

24th - Sissy

25th - Copy

25th - Pete

25th - Wally

26th - Ashley

26th - Toonces

29th- Luca

29th - Lucy

29th - Mr. Lollycat

30th - Sebastian



1st- Luna

1st - Hazel Lucy 

1st - Kassidy

1st - Camille Rose

 3rd - Smudge

5th- Simba

6th- Leo

7th- Sandy

10th- Samoa

15th- Toulouse

15th- Smokey

16th- Kalli

19th - Humphrey Lee Haunted

20th - Dexter

20th - Joy

24th - Patrick

25th- Hondo

27th - Biscuit

30th- Punky

31st - Sissel

31st - Zesta


1st- Cali 

2nd- Jake

2nd- Kingsley

3rd- Toffy

6th- LuLu

14th- Cheyanne

15th- Bob

15th- Tina

18th- Molly

21st- Sullivan

29th- Mercy

29th- Noah


 2nd- Saki

4th- Cricket

4th- Macaroni

4th- Violet

7th- Tess

8th- Carbon

9th- Velvet

10th- Tai-Bo

11th- Cleo

1th- Dante

12th- Cutie

15th - Lily

15th - Petals

19th- Calvin

20th- Snickers

20th- Merlin the Cat Wizard

25th- Elsa Peach

25th- Rico

26th- Alex


 1st- Chadwick

3rd- Sunrise

4th- Kiki 

5th- Scooter 

8th- Cali

15th- Beckham

18th- Zack

23rd- Jasmine

23rd- Leo


1st- Dr. Francis A. Sinatracat

1st - Meep

2nd - Griffin

4th- Tessie

6th - Angus

6th- Toby

8th- Morgan the Pirate Gato

9th- Fudge

10th - Sophie

16th- Tick

17th- Marina

18th- Emme

20th- Tigress

24th- Jinx

27th- Jubilee


1st- Alfie

1st- Stinky

2nd- Queenie

13th- Busby Renee Graham 

13th- Oliver

13th- Raymond Maxpower Nelson Festa

15th- Roger Bleu

26th- Skylar

29th- Cinderella

30th- Sawyer

31st- Aldo

31st- Pumpkin


1st- Snowy

5th- Simba

6th- Ripley

12th- Sabrina

13th- Oly

14th- Jules Vern



1st- Petrie

6th- Tucker

7th- Sin

15th- Pepper

15th- Sylvie

23rd- Boogers