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Welcome to The Samoa Detective Agency.

You have found the section of SDA that houses the Open case files, Halls of Fame, SDA Policy and much more.  We are always adding to these 'rooms'. We do have a section on Birthdays, Get well soon, and Shout boxes.  Please let me or Oly know if you have some kit or doggie to add to this.  We will be glad to add them to the list! I hope you enjoy your visit to this area of The Samoa Detective Agency. If you have any questions, or comments you can always pmail me, Tigress!..

FBI *Most Busted*

The Hall of Fame is always under construction, so please remember to wear your hard hat at all times!  If you don't have one, then borrow mine.  Just remember to bring it back!

Calling all ARGs!

In this supply closet you will find the pictures to put on your page when you have been caught.  Please see the SDA Policy for more information.

The Office of SDA



Cases Handled by The Samoa Detective Agency

The Boss: Samoa

SDA Secretary: Hannah

Chief Inspector: Tigress

Asst Chief Inspector:  Oly

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